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« The Necessary Reinvention of Telecom Operators »

Middle East and Africa Edition

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About this exclusive report

For the first time in Africa and the Middle East: A report about the necessary reinvention of telecom operators. Free download of this report available at the bottom of current page!

« In a rapidly changing market, 'telcos' have no choice but to transform and reinvent themselves along new development models through innovative to provide tailored customer-centered strategies, at scale, quickly and cheaply. Indeed, customers today no longer want to be simple consumers of bandwidth:  ultra-connected, they value memorable experiences through constantly innovative and effective services. So, transformation is necessary, but with what vision and on what basis? Trusted Advisors present here the key concepts and trends affecting telco transformation across Africa and the Middle East. »

Telecom Report 2019
Table of Contents
The objectives of the report

The report has been produced by Trusted Advisors experts and consultants with the following objectives in mind to:

  1. Explore the transformational dynamics of operators in Africa and the Middle East, Identify strategies and practices to be undertaken by operators to deal with the uberizers,

  2. Define the major pillars and prioritized actions to be adopted for successful transformation,

  3. and Present transformation cases that stand out.


... Click on the table of content to see the details of the topics

Our Methodology
  • Survey of more than 1350 executives and managers in the information technology sectors in Africa and the Middle East

  • Qualitative study of operator transformation cases in the region

  • In-depth experts analysis per topic

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We would like to express our gratitude to Araxxe, Dial Technologies and Fraudbuster teams who contributed to this research. The support and detailed information they have provided at each phase are crucial to the relevance of the analysis and the recommendations of this report.

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About Trusted Advisors

Trusted Advisors specializes in high added value consulting, research and professional services. We stand out from the crowd with the creative and relevant solutions we provide every day to our key accounts customers, from inception through implementation to monitoring of strategic, capacity building, scientific or technological projects. Would you like to explore how we can contribute to your transformation projects success, do not hesitate to contact us (Email)

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